ELO Compatible Open Frames for Kiosk Applications

Compare our Canvys Open Frame alternatives which are grouped into 3 levels. Our Open Frames deliver highest compatibility and quality for your kiosk applications. Each level contains different sizes and has special advantages considering your individual application requirements: 

(* ELO compatibility only for level 2 and 3)



Canvys Open Frame Touch Monitors



Open Frame Features



Why The Canvys Solution?

  • Canvys offers platform-based products with a wide price range up to your requirements.
  • Canvys provides comprehensive on-site services and excellent After Sales Support.
  • Canvys uses industrial panels with long-term availablility.
  • Canvys delivers: Single, Dual and Multi Touch.
  • Canvys knows the requirements of the industry and ensures Open Frame Monitors which are available up to 7 years in Form-Fit-Function.
  • Canvys’ independence from any manufacturer allows us to combine high quality components.
  • Canvys minds mechanical compatibility to competition.


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