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When a complex customer project has gone through all phases from start to completion and the customer-specific monitor solution has been manufactured, its true purpose comes into play: Its application!

Only here, in the real operation under realistic environmental conditions, the design, conception, components and the entire system must prove itself. Only if this is successful, our customer will finally speak of success!

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Image Therapy Guided Device for Vascular Surgery

(#Not approved) Image Therapy Guided Device for Vascular Surgery

The customer here is a leading health technology company focused on improving people’s health and enabling better outcomes across the health continuum from healthy living and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and home care

The Main Application

Image Therapy Guided Device for vascular surgery: Uses laser system with disposable catheters for the treatment of peripheral and coronary arterial disease. The system utilizes photoablation (the use of light to break down, vaporize and remove matter) to remove binding arterial plaques. This project started as a ‘next gen’ of an existing system but also (now) resolves End of Life (EOL) issues to extend the program & product life cycle.

Challenge and Description of the Project

The program was originally initiated as an effort to improve HMI design as part of the customer’s ‘next gen’ product release. The Intent was to create a user interface that would meet mechanical and host interface connectivity while maintaining medical certifications in a long-life solution. During the program development, the legacy product also ended up facing component EOL issues. While the design is customer derived, Canvys was engaged as the display expert and was intimately involved in design efforts for HMI and build related improvements. Project responsibility included pre-design verification build, functional prototype build, design verification build as well as production release.

Throughout the program development, customer and Canvys Engineering, Program Management and Sales teams worked together closely to develop and finalize the HMI parameters and product build characteristics. Canvys utilized existing and custom designs to work within customer designs to develop a robust, long-term solution that can be readily implemented and approved by regulatory agencies. Customer ultimately chose to utilize Canvys for complete BOM sourcing and build at the ISO 13485:2016 approved Canvys Marlborough, MA facility for a complete ‘one stop solution’ for their custom display requirement.

Note: All application notes are meant as examples only and is for general informational purposes only. How customers use our customized solutions as components within their systems varies significantly by customer. Regulatory compliance is the sole responsibility of the customer. Neither Canvys nor Richardson Electronics, Ltd. or any of its subsidiaries have any responsibility or liability for such compliance.

Posted on: 04. August 2020  |  by: Karen Wheet  |  Districts Sales Manager  |  Canvys – Visual Technology Solutions

Item Code: MML#US-021


Recommended Products/Platforms for this Application


OEM/ODM Platform with a slim housing, optionally with completely closed housing or with ventilation holes

  • Bright Full HD Panel for brilliant images
  • Modern True Flat Display for easy cleaning and disinfection
  • DICOM® compatible
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Anti-Reflective or Anti-Glare Glass
  • PCAP Multitouch Sensor with 10 point technology, operable by finger or latex gloves


OEM/ODM Platform with a slim and completely closed housing without ventilation holes and 16:10 format

  • HD Panel
  • Modern True Flat Display for easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Bright Panel for brilliant images
  • Protection Glass or Touch Screen
  • PCAP Mutlitouch Sensor with 10 point technology, operable by finger or latex gloves
Graphics: LCD Full Customizing


Canvys is an OEM/ODM manufacturer. In order to offer you customized display solutions at a competitive price, we have developed various platforms.

These serve as a basis for a variety of individual solutions, which we can realize for you.
However, for certain customer/application cases, these platforms are not suitable. You need unique display systems, which Canvys develops and produces as a full-customizing solution.

We will be happy to recommend you which solution is the best for your application.