As OEM/ODM we develop your highly individual monitor solution, starting with the smallest component up to the complex display system

With high confidence it is possible to adapt the monitor platform presented here more finely to your individual needs or to the respective application environment. However, there are many possibilities for display customization, which depend on a number of factors. We cannot list everything that is possible at this point.

Therefore we ask you to contact us. Our sales engineers can show you in a non-binding consultation which platform modifications can be realized depending on your specific requirements.

Here is a brief overview of our services and competences with regard to customizing.

Extract from our services regarding further customizing possibilities

Touch Integration

Experts for the integration and adaptation of touch technologies

Canvys is a global value-added touch screen and protective shield integrator, technologies include:

Looking for 3M Touch Screen Replacements?

Custom Display Enclosures

Discover the Canvys Advantage – Experts in: Custom Display Enclosures

One of the most important aspects in a customized display solution is the decision for the right enclosure.

This selection depends on various factors like

  • environmental requirements
  • grade of protection
  • application demands
  • branding and
  • marketing guidelines

As an expert in engineering display solutions, Canvys offers a variety of custom built enclosures for industrial and medical environments.

  • We utilize only the highest quality materials
  • We use injection molding, deep drawing, SLA prototyping, strand-casting, and die-casting
  • We offer various housing designs: open frame, panel / chassis / rack mount, customized bezel, back cover design, cable management, rugged housings, slim and light weight designs
  • Customer-specific requirements such as a boot logo, back-printed customer logo on the protective glass or touch screen or specific requirements for the respective housing material can also be implemented

By using long-term available industrial components, Canvys guarantees long-term availability in consistent form, fit and function.

Contact us, we will be happy to assist you in choosing the right housing concept...

Custom Enclosure Options

MaterialsProcess / TechnologiesHousing DesignHousing ColorsBrandingProtection Class
MetalInjection moldedCustomized Open FrameacerwhiteCustomer colorIP Protection up to IP69K
AluminumDeep DrawingCustomized Panel / Chassis /
Rack Mount
blackCustomer logo
Stainless steelSLA** PrototypingCustomized bezelgray
Plastic, UV resistant material like ASA*, StarexStrand-castingCustomized True Flat Desktopcustomized
Die-castingBack cover design,
Cable management,
slim and light weight designs

* Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate
** Stereolithography

Mounting Solutions: Stands, Bases and more

Discover the Canvys Advantage – Mounting Solutions for Displays

  • Different designs, materials, colors
  • Private Labeling or Logos
  • Cable management
  • Height adjustable
  • Tilt/Swivel function
  • VESA compliant mounting patterns
  • Other mounting possibilities