Projected Capacitive


Sensor Materials

Glass, polyester sheet, conductive coating

Principle of Operation

  • Patterned sensor elements are attached to the backside of the touch surface substrate.
  • Signal levels on each pattern are measured.
  • Touch is detected by determining the relative levels of current between adjacent patterns.



 Pros and Cons



All glass top surface solution

More complex electronics and sensor construction when compared to other technologies

Can be laminated or chemically strengthened for additional protection against breakage of user safety

Does not have full stylus independence support
Constructions are generally laminated which provides shared protection  
Design can be used in bezel designs and flush surface designs  
Durability is a function of the properties and construction of the cover material  
Touch is activated by bare finger, thin gloved hand or conductive stylis  

Transmission typically 85 % to 90 %


Capable of 2 or more resolvable points


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