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Canvys Certified for Saving Resources

Canvys (Richardson Electronics GmbH) takes its responsibility to actively protect the environment and prevent climate change very seriously.

Climate change and environmental degradation are concrete threats to Europe and the entire world. The "European Green Deal" aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 and establish an efficient recycling management program.

Canvys has been actively contributing to environmental and climate protection for years and has been re-certified for its savings in primary resources and greenhouse gases. The corresponding savings were achieved by recycling paper, cardboard, board and light packaging materials.

We were certified by Interzero (

Intersehroh is one of the leading providers of sustainable system services for the closure of product, material and logistics cycles. Every year the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety, and Energy Technology UMSICHT researches and provides Intersehroh with recycling data.





2021 - Saved resources by recycling

2021 - Saved greenhouse gas emissions

2021 - Apple trees graph



2020 - Saved resources by recycling

2020 - Saved greenhouse gas emissions

2020 - Apple trees graph



2019 - Saved resources by recycling

2019 - Saved greenhouse gas emissions

2019 - Apple trees graph



2018 - Saved resources by recycling

2018 - Saved greenhouse gas emissions

2018 - Apple trees graph



2017 - Saved resources by recycling

2017 - Saved greenhouse gas emissions

2017 - Apple trees graph



2016 - Saved resources by recycling

2016 - Saved greenhouse gas emissions

2016 - Apple trees graph



2015 - Saved resources by recycling

2015 - Saved greenhouse gas emissions

2015 - Apple trees graph