Product Life Cycle Management

Product Life Cycle Management

Experts: End-of-Life management

At Canvys, we make the End of Life (EOL) phase of a product just as important as the launch phase. We understand the challenges faced when your monitor display solution become EOL. Our team of experts help to minimize the impact on your company with a plan that focuses on communication and predictability.

Each of our display solutions is engineered, designed and manufactured with the goal of stable and long-term availability.

The key is managing the process from an early stage. We understand that most product life expectancies for OEM systems are 3-5 years or even longer. The system is only as strong as its weakest link. Changes to system components can cause considerable amounts of time and money to re-test, re-certify and re-train users.

With this understanding, Canvys contracts with its suppliers to make sure that all components will be available for the duration of the project. During the project, we advise our customers when lower cost components are available in the event that a mid-cycle change makes financial sense or if EOL announcements are on the horizon.

In addition, in extreme situations when a vendor suddenly announces that a component will no longer be available, we are allowed to make last time buys (LTBs). These agreements help bridge the gap between the current product and future product by allowing the OEM to place orders now to meet their longer-term forecasts. Once an EOL announcement is made, we work with your team to allow for ample amount of time for critical actions such as redesign and recertification to take place.