Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for Machine Control and Surveillance

Canvys is a global leader in providing custom monitors for human-machine interfaces (HMIs) used in industrial applications.  Typically, a machine tool, a programmable logic controller (PLC) and/or an industrial PC with a PLC controller and software play an increasingly important role in the various automation and manufacturing processes.

The Canvys team worked with a manufacturer that uses a high-speed and high-precision CNC machine with custom touch monitors and All-In-Ones (a monitor with an integrated PC) to carry out the control. To meet customer-specific requirements, the end customer can choose between a 23.8" display with a PCAP touch screen and a 23.8" All-In-One with a PCAP touch screen.  This custom display solution provides a high degree of flexibility meet high-end and low-cost requirements.

Our team of experts selected components from industrial suppliers.  We collaborated with their supplier teams and reviewed roadmaps to ensure long-term availability and support. These industrial components meet demanding temperature, shock, and vibration specifications.  The robust aluminum housing is designed to provide IP54 protection and is equipped with a front-mounted rugged touch screen.

An Anti-Glare (AG) coating of the PCAP touch screen was part of the display solution. It minimizes any reflections on the glass surface and supports high-resolution and high-contrast display images. The custom monitors are fanless, minimizing service and maintenance issues, and include a 24VDC power supply that protects from surge and burst during boot up. The ergonomic design of the displays with integrated cable cover can be easily installed onto existing support arms via the standard VESA interface.

Customer-specific requirements such as a boot logo, a back-printed customer-logo on the protective glass or touch screen, and specific requirements regarding the metal housings can also be implemented.

Canvys' use of quality industrial components ensures long-term availability without change to form, fit, and function.


Recommended Products/Platforms for this Application


Industrial display with modern, flat screen and robust metal housing.
Available in 16:9 format.

  • Full HD Panel with high Contrast Ratio
  • Modern True Flat Display for easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Wide viewing angle
  • PCAP Multitouch Sensor with 10 point technology, operable by finger or latex gloves
  • RFID Reader behind front glass
  • All-In-One version in same housing


All-In-One (AIO/Panel PC) based on Intel Atom® E3845 1.91GHz Quad-Core with memory and SSD expansion option.
Available in 16:9 format.

  • Full HD Panel with high Contrast Ratio
  • 4GB DDR3-1600 x 1
  • Intel Atom® E3845 1.91 GHz (Quad-Core)
  • 128 GB SSD
  • Intel® HD Graphics 520
  • Anti-Reflective Glass
Graphics: LCD Full Customizing


Canvys is an OEM/ODM manufacturer. In order to offer you customized display solutions at a competitive price, we have developed various platforms.

These serve as a basis for a variety of individual solutions, which we can realize for you.
However, for certain customer/application cases, these platforms are not suitable. You need unique display systems, which Canvys develops and produces as a full-customizing solution.

We will be happy to recommend you which solution is the best for your application.