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Retrofit Displays

Why Retrofit Displays?

Your application is long-standing and still works perfectly. But the imaging hardware is now obsolete. It’s only a matter of time before these devices fail. And if these screens are not directly threatened by device failure (obsolescence), they no longer meet the latest requirements for a Human Machine Interface (HMI) or modern operating concepts. In order to ensure the continued functioning of your still profitable application, you are required to replace these monitors!

The challenge that needs to be mastered

Your software applications, which have been running reliably for years, are certainly optimized for the earlier classic standard screen formats 4:3 or 5:4. The trend in monitor development, however, is that this “old” format is disappearing more and more from the market and predominantly large-format displays in the 16:9 aspect ratio (or the now also decreasing 16:10 format) are available. Porting your applications to the new formats would mean that they would have to be completely reprogrammed. For some companies this is too expensive and the expected ROI (Return On Investment) of the running applications is simply pointless.

Illustratin 1: Retrofit Explanation

Canvys R Series as Retrofit Solution

This is where Canvys starts its retrofit LFM series: The newly developed devices correspond to the latest display technology, but are available in the classic formats 4:3 or 5:4. These monitors can therefore be used in the case described above.

Example of the modern operating concept

An integrated projected capacitive (PCAP) or resistive touch screen provides an HMI (Human Machine Interface) which allows modern finger or glove operation. With additional functions such as True Flat design and many other customization options, previously mentioned customers receive a product that further increases ROI.

Illustration 2: Retrofit Display

Retrofit as a long-term supply concept for your business / your product strategy

In the OEM business, individual products and solutions for the medical and industrial sectors must correspond to long-term concepts. Canvys has considered this as an imperative requirement in its Retrofit Concept.

Even after a possible discontinuation (EOL – End of Life), Canvys can guarantee that you will be able to keep your service promises to your customers in accordance with existing requirements in the long term. Because Canvys ensures — possibly by developing a successor product — that your maintenance and service commitment will be met for seven to ten years in form, fit and function.

Summary of the Advantages of Using Retrofit Displays (R Series)

  • Extends the lifecycle of your applications and products
  • Avoids the need for investments for fundamental adjustments
  • Maintenance and service obligation still covered for at least seven to ten years in form, fit and function
  • Saves time and money
  • Uses the advantages of modern display technology
  • Better availability of the components in case of repair
  • Retrofit Displays are more eco-friendly than old models