TekLink® Help

TekLink® Help

TekLink® – User Preferences (e.g. Changing Default Language)

  • After registering on the TekLink® registration page please login with your email address and password.
    (click "save password" if you do not want to enter this password everytime you login.)
  • Now you are on the TekLink® homepage and you can see the menu on the left side.
  • To change the preferred language procede as follows:
  • Click on "my preferences" and scroll down to "appearance".
  • Now you can change your local time, date format and preferred language.
  • After changing your preferences scroll down and enter again your password and click "save".
  • After that click on "go".
  • Now your preferences were changed and saved.

Submit a Request

  • To send your RA-Request to our support click on submit request on the left side.
  • Now you get a page where you can enter the data for the defect hardware.
  • The fields in red color and with a * are mandatory.
  • After filling out the form click on "save". Your request will be send directly to our support.
  • You will get an automatic response from TekLink® within 1 day.
  • The message will include a RA number and the shipping address.


Okay? Then start your TekLink® session here or contact us if you have further problems or requests.

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