Control Rooms and Electronic Interlocking

Control Rooms and Electronic Interlocking

Control Rooms and Electronic Interlocking

The control center for every railroad, bridge, tunnel, canal, and airport is essential for ensuring safe and efficient operation. An electronic interlocking system tracks and controls information from traffic, signals, and points either locally or remotely.

The control rooms and electronic interlockings for these vital facilities are usually secured and inaccessible to the public. A typical site includes several electronic displays and control panels, and there may also be a large, wall-sized display area visible from anywhere in the room. Some control rooms are under constant video surveillance and recording for safety, compliance, and employee accountability. Many control rooms are operated 24/7 and can have several people on duty at the same time.

Larger transport facilities, such as bridges, tunnels, canals, airports, and railroads, require 24-hour control rooms to monitor and report traffic congestion and quickly respond to emergencies. One Canvys customer controls the railroad operation for thousands of railway kilometers. Railroad dispatchers work in these facilities around the clock to ensure efficient railroad operation.

The displays used in these applications must meet strict ergonomic requirements and be equipped with a very narrow frame since a workstation wall may need to accommodate 16 displays. Since there may be up to 12 workstations in a control room, the displays must be fanless to limit background noise. The selection of unique, high-quality components ensures the displays' reliable, energy-efficient operation for many years, even under 24/7 operating conditions.

Canvys has been developing display solutions for this market for many years and continues to excel with new projects and innovations. Canvys is fully certified to deliver monitors that meet the regulatory standards and uses only components with long-term availability to maintain the product's long life cycle and avoid time-consuming redesigns and expensive recertification.


Recommended Products/Platforms for this Application

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Canvys is an OEM/ODM manufacturer. In order to offer you customized display solutions at a competitive price, we have developed various platforms.

These serve as a basis for a variety of individual solutions, which we can realize for you.
However, for certain customer/application cases, these platforms are not suitable. You need unique display systems, which Canvys develops and produces as a full-customizing solution.

We will be happy to recommend you which solution is the best for your application.