Quality Control / Quality Inspection Systems

Quality Control / Quality Inspection Systems

Custom Monitors: Quality Control, Quality Inspection Systems

The quality inspection process is critical in meeting specific regulatory requirements and workflow and for continuously improving product quality. Many companies in the cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, personal care, and automotive industries use turnkey inspection systems to meet high-quality standards. Most quality inspection systems include an integrated highly customized monitor. These monitors are vital to the inspection process as they are the main interface for the operator.

Canvys designs and engineers quality control/inspection monitor solutions to meet the high demands of various industries. These systems inspect labels on bottles, jars, cans, and containers at up to 50 objects per second.

We engineer our custom monitor solution with a robust aluminum housing, IP54 rated protection and a front-bonded multi-touch screen. This design allows for future operating updates with gesture control. The added True Flat touchscreen's Anti-Glare coating (AG) minimizes reflections of the glass surface and supports high-resolution and high-contrast image displays. Our ergonomic design includes a cable cover that integrates easily into existing support arms via the VESA interface. Our solutions are designed with long-term components to maintain availability over an extended period which helps avoid time-consuming redesigns and expensive recertifications. Each component is carefully chosen based on many factors, such as manufacturer product roadmaps, ruggedness, and compatibility. Long-term availability with a consistent form, fit, and function ensures program/product longevity.

Our team can also implement other customer requests such as a boot logo, customer logo on the protective glass or touchscreen, or specific requirements for the metal housing.


Recommended Products/Platforms for this Application


Industrial display with modern, flat screen and robust metal housing.
Available in 16:9 format.

  • Full HD Panel with high Contrast Ratio
  • Modern True Flat Display for easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Wide viewing angle
  • PCAP Multitouch Sensor with 10 point technology, operable by finger or latex gloves
  • RFID Reader behind front glass
  • All-In-One version in same housing


Industrial displays in bezel or True Flat design.
Available in 4:3 and 5:4 formats.

  • Panel with high Contrast Ratio
  • Classic Bezel Housing or True Flat Display
  • Resistive Touch or PCAP Touch
  • PCAP Multitouch Sensor with 10 point technology, operable by finger or latex gloves
  • OSD Buttons on front side
  • VESA compatible
Graphics: LCD Full Customizing


Canvys is an OEM/ODM manufacturer. In order to offer you customized display solutions at a competitive price, we have developed various platforms.

These serve as a basis for a variety of individual solutions, which we can realize for you.
However, for certain customer/application cases, these platforms are not suitable. You need unique display systems, which Canvys develops and produces as a full-customizing solution.

We will be happy to recommend you which solution is the best for your application.