Colposcopy Digital Imaging System

Colposcopy Digital Imaging System

Colposcopy Digital Imaging System

A colposcope digital imaging system is used to perform a colposcopy, a medical diagnostic procedure to examine the cervix. With new technological advancement, the medical device now uses algorithms and different shades of color to highlight areas of interest to a clinician. The color rendition of the touch screen monitor needs to remain consistent through the life cycle of the product, as different shades indicate highlighted areas that may need further investigation. The system requires a full HD (1920 x 1080) display in a small, slim, and light form factor, with a high level of brightness, factoring in the treatment room's high ambient light. A 15.6” 500 cd/m² panel meets these parameters.

The unit is sealed correctly for the environment (IP54 to the front and IPX2 to the rear) to ensure it can be cleaned and disinfected with liquids and astringents, including 99 % isopropyl alcohol and Ethanol, to prevent the ingress of liquid which might damage the internal electronics. Canvys designed and tooled a unique plastic chassis with a sealed front bezel and no external rear vents to prevent ingress. In standard plastic case units, vents aid cooling, so our design team uses heat management electronics to meet these challenges.

The touch sensor can operate without gloves or with two layers of gloves. The touch sensor is thick to make it more robust. The addition of specialized coatings enhance the contrast of the image and limit external light reflection. Canvys’ engineering team designed-in long-life components to ensure a long product life cycle, and reduce the need for costly redesign and recertification.

Due to the strict regulatory controls in this environment, it was necessary to meet the EMI & EMC standard as required by the fourth edition IEC 60601-1-2 and meet other EU standards. As an ISO13485 approved medical device manufacturer, Canvys is certified to manufacture monitors to meet these and UL standards.

Note: All application notes are meant as examples only and is for general informational purposes only. How customers use our customized solutions as components within their systems varies significantly by customer. Regulatory compliance is the sole responsibility of the customer. Neither Canvys nor Richardson Electronics, Ltd. or any of its subsidiaries have any responsibility or liability for such compliance.

Posted on: 03. September 2020  |  by: Andrew Perez  |  Districts Sales Manager  |  Canvys – Visual Technology Solutions

Item Code: MML#US-004


Recommended Products/Platforms for this Application


Medical display with slim design available with fully closed housing or with ventilation holes.
Available in 16:9 and 16:10 formats.

  • Bright Full HD Panel for brilliant images
  • Modern True Flat Display for easy cleaning and disinfection
  • DICOM® compatible
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Anti-Reflective or Anti-Glare Glass
  • PCAP Multitouch Sensor with 10 point technology, operable by finger or latex gloves


Medical displays with slim design, closed housing, OSD touch keys on glass, and optional ventilation holes.
Available in 16:9 format.

  • Full HD Panel with IPS technology
  • DICOM® compatible
  • Auto Luminance System and Calibration Mode
  • Wide viewing angle
  • PCAP Multitouch Sensor with 10 point technology, operable by finger or latex gloves
  • All-In-One version in same housing design
Graphics: LCD Full Customizing


Canvys is an OEM/ODM manufacturer. In order to offer you customized display solutions at a competitive price, we have developed various platforms.

These serve as a basis for a variety of individual solutions, which we can realize for you.
However, for certain customer/application cases, these platforms are not suitable. You need unique display systems, which Canvys develops and produces as a full-customizing solution.

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