Patient Monitoring – Closed Circuit

Patient Monitoring – Closed Circuit

Closed Circuit Patient Monitoring

Radiation therapy is commonly used to treat cancer. A linear accelerator targets a specific amount of high-energy waves at tumors or parts of the body to kill cancer cells and prevent them from spreading further.

During radiation therapy, the treatment team leaves the room and stands behind a protective barrier to protect them from repeated exposure. A closed-circuit television camera allows the therapist to stay in contact with the patient throughout the session.

The Canvys Closed Circuit Patient Monitoring solution was designed for a radiation oncology treatment and software company. Its medical devices include linear accelerators and software for treating cancer and other medical conditions with radiotherapy, radiosurgery, proton therapy, and brachytherapy.

The customer needed a partner to help design and support a closed-circuit monitoring system that would enable the technician to watch the patient from outside the treatment room. The assembly had to support different feeds from the camera over a long distance. Our team of engineers and technical experts were able to solve these design requirements and create an efficient, innovative solution.

The user-friendly Canvys solution includes an ergonomic LCD assembly designed for long term product availability to avoid costly redesigns and recertifications. The custom LCD monitor assembly includes an interface that connects directly to the in-room camera so the technician can control the pan-tilt-zoom features and monitor the patient during radiation treatment.

Note: All application notes are meant as examples only and is for general informational purposes only. How customers use our customized solutions as components within their systems varies significantly by customer. Regulatory compliance is the sole responsibility of the customer. Neither Canvys nor Richardson Electronics, Ltd. or any of its subsidiaries have any responsibility or liability for such compliance.


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