Updated on August 24, 2021

Display Solutions Medical OEMs Can Trust

NEW! 15.6" Custom Medical Monitor

Canvys V Series:

  • Slim housing and IP54 protection class
  • Cable cover on the back (removable I/O cover)
  • Industrial or medical certified
  • Long-term availability for OEM solutions
  • Various component upgrades available
  • Future-proof with the latest interface technologies such as USB-C (One-Cable-Solution)
  • HD and FHD resolution available
  • Compliant with the MDR (Medical Device Regulation)
Canvys 15.6 inch Fulls-HD LCD-Monitor

Canvys 15.6 inch LCD Monitor – Additional Features:

More Features

  • Platform monitor for customer specific requirements
    (different TFT modules for HD-, FHD-resolution, customer specific logo, touch, coatings, firmware adjustments, customer specific mainboards, accessory kits, stand, etc.)
  • Certified according to standard requirements for displays (medical/industrial): further or additional certifications available
  • Housing variations available upon request
  • Bright full HD panel with wide viewing angle of 178°
  • Precise imaging for medical applications
  • Modern True Flat Display with sealed case back (for easy cleaning and disinfection)
  • Protective glass with or without PCAP multi-touch sensor with 10-point technology, operable with fingers or latex gloves
  • Anti-reflective or anti-glare glass
  • DICOM® compatible (medical version / radiography)


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  • Dental Care Units
  • Digital Signage
  • Door Signage
  • Endoscopy Systems (e.g. portable units)
  • Clinical Information Systems (Carts/Trolleys)
  • Colposcopy Digital Imaging System
  • Human-Machine Interface
    (Medical HMI or HMI Machine Control)
  • Ophthalmology
  • Quality Control
  • Radiology (DICOM® compliant)
  • Robot Assisted Medical Systems
    (Robotic Surgery)
  • Ultrasound (e.g. portable units)


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USB-C Benefits

USB Type C connector with a grey cable being held in hand. Shallow depth of field


USB-C transmits both data and power on a single cable. Video and sound signals are transmitted to the monitor in Full HD.

Universal Standard

USB-C is the emerging universal standard and other connectivity options are gradually disappearing from the market.

Proven and Future-Proof

USB-C is used by many manufacturers. It is the interface of the future and offers a one-port solution for most devices.

Coming Soon (May 2021) - Slimmer case and USB-C interface!

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